Sat. Jul. 24

9:00–9:30, Yunze Lu (卢运则), University of Michigan The equivariant Quillen's theorem
9:35–10:05, Reid Harris, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen The kernel of the monodromy of the universal family of smooth quartic plane curves
10:35–11:05, Jiajun Dai (戴佳俊), Sichuan University \(\infty\)-category and its applications in Homotopy Theory
11:10–11:40, Xing Gu (古星), Max Planck Institute for Mathematics A Topological approach to the motivic cohomology of \(BPGL_n\)
14:00–14:30, Zhiwang Yu (于智旺), Tianjin University Elliptic genera of level $N$ for complete intersections
14:35–15:05, Qifan Shen (沈启帆), Fudan University On string quasitoric manifolds and their underlying polytopes
15:45–16:15, Haoqing Wu (吴皓清), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne Dwyer’s tame homotopy theory revisited
16:20–16:50, Yuqing Shi (石宇晴), Utrecht University Universal Property of the Bousfield--Kuhn Functor

Sun. Jul. 25

9:00–9:30, Ang Li (李昂), University of Kentucky A comparison between $C_2$-equivariant and classical squaring operations
9:35–10:05, Jingfang Lian (练静芳), Fudan University Twisted Milnor Hypersurfaces
10:35–11:05, Lisu Wu (吴利苏), Shandong University of Science and Technology Integral homology groups of Coxeter orbifolds
11:10–11:40, Yu Zhang (张宇), Nankai University Some spectral sequence computations towards stable homotopy groups of spheres at odd primes
11:50–12:20, Jian Liu (刘健), Hebei Normal University The Geometry of Hypergraphs