The International Workshop on Algebraic Topology is a five day event which will take place at the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research at Peking University in Beijing, China from August 17 to August 21, 2020 (postponed). This is a joint event with the Summer School on Higher (Infinity-Categorical) Algebra and Its Applications which will take place at the Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences at Fudan University in Shanghai, China from August 10 to August 14, 2020 (postponed).


  • Agnès Beaudry, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Mark Behrens, University of Notre Dame
  • Daniel Isaksen, Wayne State University
  • Hana Jia Kong, University of Chicago
  • Ruochuan Liu, Peking University
  • XiaoLin Danny Shi, University of Chicago
  • Guozhen Wang, Fudan University
  • Zhouli Xu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yifei Zhu, Southern University of Science and Technology

  • Assistant: Meng Yu, Peking University